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Honest Cooks chronicles home cooking by a professional chef with recipes from modern Indian & American kitchens.

Tailored to fit a global palate, our recipes are easy, fresh, and healthy. We bring you everything from Lost Recipes of India to Recreating Famous Restaurant Recipes at home!


Rome, Co-founder

Rome is a part-time foodie & full-time filming enthusiast. He is the man behind the camera, the DOP, as well as the Chief Editor of all our videos. He enjoys learning new filming techniques & is also the mastermind behind all the memes and unexpected jokes that you see in our videos! He loves movies, trying new dishes, & taking long walks in the Chicago snow!

Rheya, Co-founder

Rheya is a professional Chef. She has worked in many kitchens, from small restaurants to luxury hotels. Having trained under Michelin starred chefs, food is her first love. She loves experimenting & perfecting recipes of her own! She is the voice behind the videos, the creative head at Honest Cooks, as well as Marketing Head. She loves walking in the snow & browsing Instagram for cat videos!

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Together, we are a two person team! We do everything related to the channel and the website, along with our full-time jobs! Honest Cooks is a fruit of our love & passion for food & filmmaking. Food is the essence of life at Honest Cooks. We love anything and everything from burgers to salads!

For each video we publish on the channel, it takes us an average of 40 hours of behind the scenes work! This includes researching the recipe, planning the video, filming it, editing it, doing the voice over, publishing, and marketing it!


If you enjoy what we do, it would mean the world to us if you could subscribe to the channel & share our videos with your friends and family! 

We also love to hear from our viewers and we make it a point to reply to all comments, emails, and blog interactions! If you would like to share your thoughts or request a recipe, do write to us!


Featured on

Honest Cooks' Vindaloo recipe reached!

One of their writers found our recipe on Reddit and wrote a beautiful article about the history of the dish, along with her own experience making our recipe at home. 

The article also features Honest Cooks' views on the recipe and a little bit about the recipe's history in our words!

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