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Honest Cooks
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YouTube is the best place to watch our videos. You can also catch sneak peeks of our videos on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to place a video or recipe request, YouTube's comment section on any of our videos is the best place! :)

  • Instagram

Interested in quick cooking tips? Looking for some laughs at the expense of anonymous kitchen staff? Just looking for memes about the Food Industry? Honest Cooks on Instagram is your one-stop shop! Bringing you giggles from the Hospitality industry.

Honest Cooks
Food Photography
  • discord

Join us on Discord to keep updated with our AMA's, industry chat sessions, and an abundance of food memes!  Here you can also ask cooking questions and our chef members will help you out!

  • Reddit

Join us on Reddit to keep updated with our AMA's, Reddit LIVE sessions, and an occasional cat video or two!  We also share all our collabs and discount coupons on our subreddit.

Honest Cooks
Honest Cooks
  • Twitter

Mildly funny tweets, our day-to-day updates, and other BTS from the Honest Cooks kitchen - Honest Cooks on Twitter will get you in touch with us. Come say HI :)

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Connect to us on Facebook for all important announcements and to join us for viewing parties for our special videos! Another one will be announced soon. :)

Honest Cooks
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