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7 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy in the New Year

One of the best ways to start your year off right is by eating healthy. While it may seem like a difficult task, there are several simple steps you can take to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need while still enjoying great-tasting food. For many of us, the start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to establish healthier habits - and that includes healthy eating. But for some, it can be intimidating or even overwhelming to make changes to their diet. That's why it's important to focus on small steps and go at your own pace when it comes to eating healthier. With just a few simple changes, you can make this your healthiest year yet!

7 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy in the New Year

Here are seven ways to eat healthy in the new year:

1. Start your day with a healthy breakfast.

Eating something nutritious in the morning will give you energy for the rest of the day and set you up for healthier eating habits throughout the day. Try whole grain toast with nut butter and fruit, or a smoothie made from yogurt, berries and spinach, for example.

Tip: You can make overnight oats the night before for a quick and healthy start to your day.

2. Pay attention to portion sizes.

Eating smaller meals can help control calorie intake. Use a smaller plate to help you keep track of portions and avoid overeating. Everything in moderation is a good mantra to maintain your healthy routine.

Tip: You can reduce portion size by eating in a smaller plate. This has been proven to help people reduce their portion size. Another way to do this would be start by eating the salad and vegetable first!

3. Incorporate more vegetables into your diet.

Fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that will keep you healthy and feeling your best. Try adding some extra greens to your lunch and dinner, or having a big salad for your main course. Another easy way to eat vegetables is to opt for curries. Be it Indian, Japanese, or curries from any culture, most are usually packed with vegetables that complement the meat. Likewise for chili - take for example Turkey Chili. You can add finely chopped (or blended) vegetables like carrots, celery, cabbage, and onions to your Chili.

Tip: Curries. chili, and stews are also a great way of feeding vegetables to your children.

7 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy in the New Year

4. Eat more plant-based proteins.

Plant proteins such as beans, lentils, tofu, nuts and seeds are all great sources of protein that are healthier than animal proteins like red meat. Plant proteins are a great way to get the essential nutrients you need while also being kinder to the environment. Beans, lentils, tofu, nuts and seeds are all excellent sources of plant-based proteins that can easily be incorporated into any meal. Not only are they nutrient-dense, but they’re also incredibly versatile.

Tip: If you are new to plant-based protein, give yourself time. Start with one plant-based meal a week and be open to trying new things till you find a protein/brand that pleases your taste-buds.

5. Limit processed foods as much as possible.

Processed foods are often overly-processed, containing added sugars, unhealthy fats, preservatives, and sodium. Furthermore, processed foods lack the essential nutrients that our bodies need. Instead, cook more meals at home. Cooking your own meals gives you full control over the ingredients and allows you to make healthier choices. Plus, it’s an opportunity to spend quality time with family or friends!

Tip: Try experimenting with new recipes at home. Sometimes, simply making some of your favorite dishes at home with reduce the sugar, fat, and salt content substantially.

7 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy in the New Year

6. Drink more water.

Staying hydrated is important for overall health and well-being, as our bodies are made up of over two thirds water. When we don't drink enough, the risk of dehydration can lead to multiple issues such as fatigue, headaches and difficulty concentrating. Aim to drink some water every time you feel thirsty.

Tip: Saying "drink 8 cups of water daily" is not an achievable task for everyone. So, drink when you body tells you to!

7. Don’t forget to treat yourself.

It’s ok to indulge in your favorite treats every once in a while. Just be mindful of portion sizes, and don’t forget all the healthy habits you’ve adopted throughout the year.

Tip: A good way of maintaining your healthy routine is to burn off what you eat. So, if you eat 2 slices of cake on a given day, try to go on a longer than usual walk that day.

Following these seven tips can help you make healthier food choices in the new year and set yourself up for success! Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated or boring – with a little creativity and conscious effort, you can make eating well an enjoyable part of your everyday routine.

7 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy in the New Year

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