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Classic Carbonara

Classic Carbonara, made with 5 ingredients, in under 15 minutes, is sure to soothe your hunger. Rich sauce with fresh cracked black pepper will keep you going for seconds.

Whether Carbonara was invented by/for the charcoal factory workers of Italy is no longer the debate of the pasta world. Today’s debate is whether to use bacon or pancetta for a good plate of Carbonara. Traditionally, guanciale is used for this pasta dish. Pancetta is a close second in this race. However, due to the universality of bacon, it has become the most used part of pork in Carbonara, at least in the US.

To try out our recipe, here is what you will need:

1. Spaghetti: 4oz

2. Parmesan or Pecorino: 2oz

3. Bacon/Pancetta/Guanciale: 3 strips [you can always increase this quantity to your heart’s desire]

4. Egg: 1, large

5. Cracked black pepper: ½ tablespoon


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