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Tomato Dill Mousse with Lobster Tail: Lady Diana's Favorite Dish

Tomato and dill mousse with lobster tail and watercress salad. This is the dish that Lady Diana would request her Chef multiple times a month. We found this recipe in the book "Eating Royally" by Chef Darren McGrady. This recipe shows our version of Lady Diana's favorite food.

You would think that a princess must eat indulgent and decadent dishes, carefully curated by royal chefs in the royal kitchens. You are not entirely correct. Princess Diana, the people's Princess, was a cautious eater. Her meals did not look like the scenes from The Crown. Some of her all time favorite foods are simple in execution and high on taste. They are royal, nonetheless. The tomato and dill mousse is not something I thought I'd like, but I was pleasantly surprised at how light and fresh it tasted. The lobster, cooked to perfection using my method, is the star of the dish and the light dressing makes it shine all the more! The spice and crunch from the watercress salad pairs perfectly with the mousse. The recipe we are creating today is originally fat-free. You can find it in Chef McGrady's book, Eating Royally.


Below is my version of the recipe and the ingredients you need:

  1. Tomatoes, ripe: 2 large - Chopped

  2. Onion, white: 1/4 OR 2 Tbsp - Chopped

  3. Sour Cream, fat free: 1.5 tbsp

  4. Mayonnaise, regular: 1.5 tbsp (you can also use fat free)

  5. Heavy Cream: 1 tbsp

  6. Salt, to taste

  7. Dill, fresh: 2-3 sprigs - Finely Chopped

  8. Gelatin, unflavored: 3 grams

  9. Seafood OR Veg stock, 1 cup (to bloom the gelatin and cook it)

  10. Lobster tails: 2 (one per person) I used a collapsible steamer plate to cook my lobster tails. Here is the link:

  11. Watercress salad leaves: as per your serving - Washed and Towel-Dried

  12. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 2-3 tbsp

  13. Lime juice: from 1.5 limes

  14. Salt, to taste


  • We start with the mousse because it takes some time to set in the fridge. In a blender, put the tomatoes and onions in a blender and blend without adding any water or liquid.

  • When it is properly pulsed, strain the juice by using a fine mesh strainer and press the pulp through it. Keep the liquid and discard the fibers. See Notes for Tools I used.

  • Pour the juice in a mixing bowl. In that same bowl, add the sour cream, mayonnaise, heavy cream, and salt. Mix well.

  • Bloom your gelatin as per packet instructions. If you are using liquid, use Seafood Stock to bloom the gelatin.

  • When the gelatin is ready, pour into the tomato juice mixture and incorporate by whisking constantly.

  • Add dill and mix well again.

  • Grease your ramekins if they are not non-stick and pour this mixture into the ramekins.

  • Set in the fridge until it is fully set. You know it is set when it no longer looks wet. You can keep it to set overnight also. Do not cover the ramekins or else they may sweat.

  • While the mousse sets, cook the lobsters. I used and recommend a steamer but you can also dunk it in water to boil the lobster tails. You know they are cooked as soon as color changes and they curl.

  • When the lobster is ready, remove it into a bowl of ice water to stop over cooking.

  • To de-shell lobster tails, cut the shell and pop out the flesh. For a tutorial see notes.

  • To season the lobster and watercress salad, mix the olive oil, lime juice, and salt. Mix well to evenly distribute the salt.

  • Coat the lobster tails with this dressing and use the rest for salad leaves.

  • Make sure you clean and dry the watercress leaves. Then mix them with the dressing.

  • To plate, [See Notes for Unmolding help] unmold the mousse by using warm water to release the mousse from the sides and run a knife around it to set it free. Then flip it over on the serving plate. Place lobster on the side, salad on top and you are ready to serve.


1] Tools I used for this recipe

2] De-shell Lobster Tails:

The video below will play from the De-shelling Section for accurate instructions.

3] Un-mold Mousse

The video below will play from the Un-molding Section for accurate instructions.

Thanks for reading! You can PIN this image to come back to it later! :)


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