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Honest Cooks home cooking blog list for all YouTube cooking videos and easy to follow recipes.



Honest cooks Spider spoon.jpg

Stainless Steel Spider Spoon.

Perfect size for most pots: 5.3 inches.

This is a new addition to our kitchen and we love the quality. The hook on the handle can be used to hand the spoon! Durable quality.

10 inch pan honest cooks.jpg

Beautiful, non-stick pan with wooden handle. This 10" pan can be seen in many of our videos. Most notably, our Vindaloo video. We love this addition to our tools! The handle is removable and you can put the pan in the oven when the handle is removed.

steel mixing bowls honest cooks.jpg

Stainless Steel bowls, set of 6.

Polished, mirror finish. These bowls have been a part of the Honest Cooks Kitchen for a very long time now! In fact, when we were new to filming, in one of our early videos we forgot to hide the camera in the bowl's reflection. Do you know which video?

Ninja food blender Honest Cooks.jpg

Ninja Food Processor and Blender. The one we have has 2 jars: 16 oz and 48 oz. There are 2 blades & 2 lids, one for each jar. This jar has been in our kitchen since before we started Honest Cooks. We love the blender! Have you seen this in any of our videos?

strainer Honest cooks.jpg

Stainless steel strainer with wooden handle. This is a new addition to our kit but we love it already. The mesh is really fine and we love how fine grains like quinoa do not get stuck to it. This particular strainer came with a nut milk bag.

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