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Basmati Rice: Restaurant Quality Perfect Rice

Rice is so versatile, and when cooked perfectly it can elevate an entire meal. In this video, learn how to make restaurant quality rice, every time. Rice that is fluffy and each grain is separate, but so soft and delicious. Never overcook rice again!

This method of cooking rice has been practiced in Indian households for generations. It helps remove excess starch and recent research shows that this particular method also reduced arsenic content in your rice!

  1. Measure your rice by the cup. It doesn't have to be a standard measure, any cup you use, use the same for measuring water as well.

  2. Thoroughly rinse the rice in cold water. As my mom says, "rinse it under cold water until the water runs clean."

  3. Put the rice in a big enough pot and add 3 times the water. Use the same cup you used in step 1. You can also soak rice for 30 minutes but that is not mandatory.

  4. Add salt to taste and cover the pot to cook on medium flame.

  5. When the water starts to bubble, remove the lid and leave uncovered for the rest of the process.

  6. Stir occasionally to ensure nothing is sticking to the pot.

  7. When the rice is cooked - and you will know it is cooked when it turns opaque white and is easy to break with your fingers - turn off the gas flame/stove top, and drain out the excess water using a strainer.

  8. Once all the water is drained out, put the rice back in the same pot and cover with the lid. Let it sit - with the flame turned OFF - for 5-8 minutes.

  9. After 5-8 minutes, fluff the rice with a fork and serve with your favorite curry!


1. The quality of Basmati rice that you use also determines how long and fragrant your grain comes out to be!

This is the brand that I always purchase in the US. After a few trials with different brands, this one has been the best, most affordable, and flavorful.

View it on Amazon here:

2. Here is the research that shows this method removes arsenic from rice:


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