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Make your ginger last for months

This is for when you buy ginger in bulk & want to save it to make it last longer. You can also use this hack for garlic, onions, green chilies, and other vegetables with low water content.

Often times, bulk purchase is easier on the pocket. Organic ginger is expensive and I always buy it in bulk and use this hack to make it last for months. I read this one on Reddit, and even though I work in professional kitchens, I have to say, this was new to me. I tested it out and have NOT stored my ginger any other way since! You can use this hack in your daily life OR you can make use of it if you have a lot of ginger (or any other allium) and you need to go out of town. Your allium will stay fresh till you return!

Hack is simple! Follow these steps:

1] Wash and dry the ginger roots. Make sure you get all the dirt out - soak it for a bit if you need to.

2] When it is washed, dry it thoroughly and fully with kitchen towels.

3] Then, cut it into chunks.

I cut it into 2 different sizes - some big and some small. I use bigger portions for curries and soups and such, and smaller ones for teas etc.

4] Take a Freezer bag or a container and label it with the date.

5] Transfer all your ginger chunks into this bag or container and pop it in the freezer

Your ginger will last up to 3 months like this. That's why it is important to label!

To use it, simply grate it on a grater or zester OR you can make a paste out of it too!

It grates just like hard cheese. There is no mess, and no wasted juices on the cutting board.

This hack is life changing.

You can use this for garlic, onions, and green chilies too. - For Onions, peel and chop them to freeze. - For garlic, peel, wipe dry if its wet, then freeze.

- For green chilies, wash, dry, and freeze. Keep stems intact. Chop when you want to use!

Thanks for reading! You can PIN this image to come back to it later! :)


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