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Lunch Special: Tuscan Chicken

2022 went by in a jiffy. It is hard to believe it is December 31st already. I have a feeling the start of 2022 is going to be busy as well. When I anticipate busy weeks, there are a few recipes that I have on hand. Tuscan Chicken is one of them. Some other recipes include Chicken One-Pot Curry, Turkey Chili, and quick pasta recipes such as Aglio e Olio.


Recipe of the Month: Murgh Musallam

As the Recipe of the Month, I bring you delectable Murgh Musallam. I usually make this twice every December. This is my go-to for Christmas dinner parties, and almost always, I get requests to make this again for New Year dinners. This stuffed chicken with a delicious, thick gravy is so satisfying that you'll wake up the next day craving some more for breakfast.


Weekend Baking: 3 levels of Chocolate Chip Cookies

Baking cookies is a favorite winter activity. The entire house smells like Christmas and kids love to decorate them with sprinkles, frosting, or candies. But baking cookies can be intimidating for those who have never done it before. This post gives you 3 levels of baking cookies: easy, medium, and hard. Decide for yourself which one you want to try on this weekend.


Today's Highlight

25 Very Interesting Facts About Food That You Probably Never Heard Of!

Did you know that the word “salad” comes from the Latin word “salare,” meaning “to salt?” Or that the modern bagel was invented by a Polish immigrant in New York City?

There's a lot more to food than just what we put in our mouths. In fact, there are all sorts of interesting facts and trivia about food that most of us probably don't know.


Basics of Cooking

Cook Every Type of Rice Perfectly Each Time:

Rice is so versatile, and when cooked perfectly it can elevate an entire meal. With our tutorial, learn how to make 14 varieties of commonly used rice, every time. Each type of rice requires a different technique. Learn the tricks with this detailed tutorial.



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