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Mouthwatering Summer Rolls

Vietnamese inspired rice paper rolls filled with veggie goodness. These are gluten free, dairy free, and oh so delicious! You can make these up to 8 hours in advance and store in the fridge – just make sure they are not sticking to each other. They are a great vegan finger food to add to your repertoire!

Try our mouthwatering dipping sauce recipe with these to add an extra kick to your dinner plans.

Ingredients for Summer rolls:

1. Rice paper, 1 pack

2. Carrots, 1 medium size: shredded or cut into sticks

3. Green bell pepper, 1 medium size: cut into long strips

4. Red onions*, ½ medium size: thinly cut

5. Celery, 3 stems: cut into sticks

6. Scallions/spring onions, 3 stems: cut into sticks

7. Roma Tomatoes, 1 medium: cut into sticks

8. Bib lettuce/any lettuce, 1 head: remove the dirty core

9. Fresh Cilantro, handful sprigs: remove hard stems

* Use pickled onions instead of red onions for extra flavor.


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